Jan Adámek

Managing director

+420 724 070 539

I went into real estate with the notion that I could inject a lot of professionalism and honesty into a sector that does not have a particularly good reputation. At the time, my main motivation was the poor experience I myself had had when looking for a new place for my family – with two sons – to live.


So it was in 2010, that I left the manager’s office at the Hotel Jalta where I had worked for Flow East as General Director, and set off for the jungle of the property market. Having been involved in scouting for 20 years, I knew that truthfulness and fairness were essential. I took this legacy from my troop, called Neskenon, with me into the property market, where it was sorely needed. And it paid off. Today, a stone’s throw away from the Hotel Jalta in Wenceslas Square, I own the JAN Reality estate agency.  


Real estate is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only those who can offer clients services far beyond what they expect will succeed. With that in mind, we at JAN Reality let the competition get on with routine services while we pursue the principle that every single customer must go away happy.


Our fundamental motto is to understand the requirements of the client, i.e. you, and to provide you with exactly what you want and need. A professional agent must have a profound knowledge of the property market, must understand the legal and tax aspects of the business, must know about structural and technical matters, and must be aware of the options available for financing properties. This is why JAN Reality is not just a traditional estate agency, but also a consultancy company helping clients find various solutions. 


My destiny appears to be tied up with Wenceslas Square. I used to work here, I’m working here again, and what’s more, for 12 years now I have chaired Prague’s New Town Association, an initiative to make Wenceslas Square a beautiful place once again, where people feel good and want to be. It is keen to return Wenceslas Square to the people of Prague – after all, this is their square.  


I love my work; my work is my life. However, if you know how to work, you also need to know how to rest. But don’t confuse that with indolence – the two have nothing in common. I rest by doing sport. I like badminton and cycling, and I calm my mind with yoga. I’m glad that I am able to discover more sports with my sons. We play football and go swimming. My other hobbies are photography, playing the guitar, and movies.


I speak fluent English and Spanish. If you are prepared to be patient, I can also communicate with you in German, French, or Russian.

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