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JAN Reality

Jan Reality is an estate agency. We are not overly fond of labels that no one understands – we are simply an estate agency that gets the job done. We specialise in sales and letting of residential and commercial properties in Prague. Our experienced agents work to deliver a professional, comprehensive service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.


Our portfolio covers a whole range of exclusive properties, houses, and flats. If customers can’t find what they’re looking for, we stand ready to find the house or flat that ticks their boxes and arrange a sale. We are not here to make a fast profit, but to encourage solid relations with our clients as we value their trust.

Our history How we got here

Jan Adámek opens his own estate agency with a fundamental business vision of providing clients with impressive services.

The agency celebrates a milestone of 100 clients it has helped sell, buy, or rent property.

It becomes apparent that hardly anyone on the market specialises in clients who want to buy a property, i.e. the demand side. The agency recruits professionals to deal exclusively with clients seeking properties.

Adámek’s agency sells flats, houses, and lands. It also becomes an established player in the world of commercial property, arranging leases for several restaurants, shops, and offices.

The company calculates that it has won a whopping 86% of its contracts thanks to recommendations from satisfied clients. The agency sees this as a great honour and an enormous commitment.

The agency changes its name to JAN Reality and relocates to new premises at Václavské náměstí 43.

The property market thrives, and JAN Reality with it. Ever-increasing numbers of clients come to the agency seeking consulting services.

Real estate prices are rising, housing is rising. JAN Reality sells two retail parks in Prague.

In the first half of the year, housing prices are extremely rising. The JAN Hospitality Hotel Division has provided several hotel sales in Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic.

Record year in housing area. JAN Reality has sold the most apartments, houses and land in its history. Despite the high prices.

The corona virus pandemic has affected the whole market. Cottages and family houses with a garden were sold the most.

JAN Reality cooperates with

  • Professionalism

    We are committed to our work, experienced, we understand the industry, and are fussy about treating clients properly.

  • Trust and reliability

    We strive to provide clients with a personal approach.

  • Communication

    We keep clients informed of progress throughout the duration of the contract.

  • Enthusiasm

    We love our work and you can tell. We want all of our customers to be impressed by our services, too.

  • Quality

    How we conduct our work is designed to save you time and money.

  • Loyalty

    Clients are our partners for whom we will do the seemingly impossible.

  • Friendly Team

    We meet regularly, assess interesting cases, and keep each other informed about the latest news, trends, and downsides that may crop up on the market.

  • Recommendation

    Almost all the business we have done has been triggered by a satisfied client’s recommendation.

What they’ve said about us? What our satisfied customers say

1 Dominika Vaekova

Dominika Vařeková

JAN Reality has long been our partner and we are completely satisfied with this estate agency. When we started out, we didn’t have much clue about how to fill the capacity of our apartment building. Thanks to JAN Reality’s experienced experts, we occupied a third of the building with the long-term acquisition of problem-free tenants. After that, it was easy to find tenants for the remaining flats because people like moving into a cool and bustling place.

3 Anna Eltsova

Anna Eltsová

I’m very happy. I hope our cooperation will continue to be successful in the future. Needless to say, I will recommend JAN Reality to my friends and acquaintances.

5 Tereza Kazan

Tereza Kazan

The friendly approach combined with well-directed professional advice generally results in a deal that makes all parties happy. Thank you.

7 Jitka Lancova

Jitka Lancová

When we sold our flat, Mr Novák was a true professional in everything he did, including the photography, producing the presentation, and the actual viewings. He was always precise, willing, and well-prepared. We also welcome his professionalism today, as he is helping us to buy a new flat. We are very happy with Mr Novák and will certainly recommend him to our friends and acquaintances.

8 Daniel Musil

Daniel Musil

This was the first time we were buying a flat and we appreciated Tomáš’ knowledge. As a result, not only did we find a flat, but he also did all the paperwork and bureaucratic footwork for us. I was constantly informed about what was happening and what still needed to be done. That was just one of the reasons why I had every confidence in the investment. I recommend Tomáš.

9 Marta Ljubkova

Marta Ljubková

When Hana Cihlářová first entered the flat I wanted to sell, I had no idea that the whole process would be over in a matter of weeks. Perhaps it was her personal charm on top of her perfect professional approach, true customer care, and steadfast work. She also took great care of us when we were buying our new flat, so whenever anyone asks me, I have no hesitation in recommending the services of JAN Reality.

Šimon Tejkal

Tomáš pleasantly surprised us in three ways. First, he patiently spent a month dealing with the preparations for the sale and, in particular, our subsequent home. Secondly, he sold our flat after the very first viewing and for the highest price. Thirdly, he handled all the administration without us needing to do a thing. Thank you, Tomáš.

Miroslav Žemlička

I was extremely happy with this company. It provided me with a full service and arranged all documents. The agent, Mr Tomáš Kruba, let me know whenever there was a change. I can highly recommend him. I will be sure to come back to this company again when I need to sell or buy a property.

Lenka Smažíková

Hello, I would like to thank you for your full professional support and approach in helping us with the sale and rental of our properties. We really appreciate your work, responsible approach and willingness, and we are grateful to the friends who gave us the contact details for your company and, specifically, Mr Tomáš Kruba. We have used his services on three occasions and we have always been entirely happy with how everything proceeded and with the results.
I wish you many clients as satisfied as we are.

Jan Tuška

It would be a pleasure to recommend you to the people I know. Your ability to work your way around the property market and your efforts to help us find a new home were very good. Your attempts to find us a flat that matched what we were looking for were excellent. Many thanks once again.

Krzystof Kliś

I would like to express my appreciation for your personal approach – your professionalism, considerateness, discretion, hands-on involvement, and kindness. I enjoyed how all-inclusive the services were.

Patricie Janáčková and family

We really enjoy living in the flat we bought through your company. Our young daughter loves the space and how she can run around the block (living room – kitchen – hallway). We were happy with the services your agency provided and will be pleased to contact you again should the need arise.

Slovakia Svetlana Zuchova 240x180

Svetlana Žuchová

I turned to Mr. Kruba several times. Since we live abroad, I needed someone to rent out our Prague's apartment without having to be there in person. Mr. Kruba has always been able to solve everything quickly and to our full satisfaction, even when other real estate agencies failed.

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Petr Jarčevský

JAN Reality equals professional approach to us. We can only recommend Hanka Cihlářová, who took care of us from the start till the end of the transaction. Straight forward communication, market knowledge and ability to listen are Hanka's biggest assets. However, friendly approach and that everything went without any stress appealed to us the most. Thank you very much. Petr Jarčevský and Tereza Vilišová


Petr Hauzírek

I bought my new apartment through JAN Reality. I was very happy with the complex and professional services, and even in a sense friendly approach. So I didn't hesitate to ask JAN Reality to sell my original flat as well. And I have made the right decision!

Recenze Hanka


S realitní kanceláří JAN Reality jsem byt koupila v roce 2018 a už při koupi jsem věděla, že ho chci, s realitní makléřkou Hanou Cihlářovou, jednou i pronajímat. Letos, v roce 2021, jsme se s dcerou rozhodly byt pronajímat a díky Haně Cihlářové se nám během málo dní podařilo byt pronajmout serióznímu klientovi.
JAN Reality doporučuji každému, kdo očekává profesionální a klidný přístup, znalost trhu s nemovitostmi, odhad klienta a právní poradenství.

JAN Reality looks after the world around it and cultivates public space!

We are not indifferent to public spaces. Every day we cross Wenceslas Square and get to work, and every day we see what happens in the centre of Prague. JAN Reality is not a company to turn its back on cultivating or developing public space. Near its offices in Wenceslas Square, it actively strives to champion changes that help make one of the most famous Czech squares a fine place for life and rest. For more than 13 years now, the agency’s owner, Jan Adámek, has been the chairman of Prague’s New Town Association, which ensures that this part of the city is safer and as clean as possible. One of the organisation’s major achievements has clearly been the campaign to ban cars from the lower end of Wenceslas Square. Recently, one of its priorities has been to clean up benches in the area. New benches are gradually replacing the old ones that are falling apart. One of these rehabilitated places to sit carries the JAN Reality name.

More information about the association’s work can be found at www.CentrumPrahy.cz.

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