I want to buy


  • What is the real market price of the property I have chosen? How much should I offer?
  • What is the price range in the area where I want to live?
  • Do I want to negotiate the price myself and buy as cheap as possible?
  • What sort of properties are on sale in the area?
  • I don’t have time to browse thousands of offers online.
  • I don’t have time to view all of the properties. Most of them are not what I’m looking for – I need an agent to look around for me.
  • I don’t want to have to deal with anything. I don’t have the time nor I want to face the stress around it.

This is precisely why:

We seek out the right sort of property

  • We consult the criteria for an appropriate property with you in detail, and we put together a profile of what you need and want of your new home.
  • We match offers from our own and external sources with you and contact the sellers directly.
  • We gather all the important information about each property that may interest you, including checks on the land-use plan and any potential pitfalls.
  • We assess the possible risks.
  • We thoroughly view and inspect the properties. 

Money is important. We negotiate a discount on the purchase price

We know how to do a deal. Wherever possible, we negotiate a reduction in the purchase price for you. Rest assured that this is an area we tend to be very successful in.


There is no “no” with us. A comprehensive estate agency service is our passion

  • We assess the actual market price and draw up a qualified estimate.
  • We prepare or check the reservation agreement and revise it so that it is well balanced and safe for you.
  • We draw up contractual documentation. If the contracts are prepared by the seller, they are checked by our associate lawyer, who has long-standing experience of property deals.
  • We recommend affordable escrow account with a notary, bank, or lawyer, and arrange the choice that you settle on.
  • We file the relevant contracts with the land registry.
  • We keep track of progress in the filing of contracts in the property register.
  • We commission a surveyor (a court-appointed expert) for the tax office – this is necessary for conveyancing tax purposes.
  • We cover the cost of the surveyor for the tax office.
  • We prepare and fill in the conveyancing tax return on your behalf (from 1 November 2016, this tax is 4% and is paid by the buyer).
  • We file the tax return at the tax office for you.
  • We assist when the property is handed over and arrange for a certificate of handover to be drafted.
  • We help you to transfer the utilities.
  • We make suggestions on how to draft the property tax return (filed as at 31 January of the subsequent year, while the tax itself is payable by 31 May of the same year; this tax is paid by the person owning the property as at 1 January). 

We provide financial services 

  • We arrange for a custom mortgage to be drafted by an independent credit specialist working with almost all banks on the market, who can offer to you the very best conditions.

Do you feel that using the services of an estate agency is “something extra”? Yes, it is the same sort of “something extra” as having your hair cut by a hairdresser, having your shoes fixed by a shoemaker, or going to the dentist to get a tooth extracted. Buying a property is not something you do every week. But we do. Trust the professionals. 

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