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  • The value of your property.
  • How to sell quickly your property and for the highest possible price.
  • High-quality service and a professional approach.
  • Security, fast and smooth progress of the entire transaction.
  • An agent and estate agency you can rely on.

This is precisely why:

  • We will draw up a comparable market analyses free of charge.
  • Every week, we report to you on progress in the sale, how many interested parties we have offered the property to, how many viewings there will be, and how interested parties are responding to the advert.
  • We organise viewings with screened clients and inform you about the results.
  • We arrange a fast, cheap mortgage for the buyer.
  • We commission a company to produce an energy label (a building energy performance certificate) for you promptly and smoothly.

We provide a legal service:          

At JAN Reality, all contracts are drafted and checked by a lawyer, not estate agents.

  • Preparation of a purchase contract (including any changes).
  • Preparation of a contract of future purchase contract (where appropriate).
  • Arrangements for the safe escrow  - purchase price and contracts with a lawyer, bank, or notary.
  • A lawyer’s personal involvement in contractual negotiations and attendance when the contracts are signed.
  • The preparation of an application for registration in the property register (cadastral office).
  • The signatures on contracts are certified where signing takes place (there is no need for you to go somewhere else to get them notarised).

Other services we provide you with:

  • We deliver the contracts to the property registry.
  • We pay the administration fees at the property registry.
  • We hand over the property and draw up a certificate of handover.
  • We transfer electricity and gas to the buyer’s name.
  • Where required, we represent you at authorities – the building authority, the cooperative, etc.

Interested in how we present your property?

We use:

  • Photographs of the property taken by a professional photographer.
  • Home staging – preparing the property before it is photographed and viewed.
  • A tailored advert.
  • Potential matches to your property from our estate agency’s client database as a matter of priority.
  • A search of enquiries in the database.
  • Adverts on real estate portals offering properties for sale.
  • Installing a banner at the property – a highly effective method.
  • Professional presentation of the property – in printed and electronic versions.
  • Enquiries with potential buyers in the area.
  • Open house – if appropriate for the sale of your particular property.
  • A weekly evaluation of how effective the adverts have been.

Wondering whether you could pull all this off by yourself? Of course you could. Estimate how much time you will need, multiply it by three and you’re roughly at half the time it will take you to complete the entire transaction on your own. Do you want a quick closing, or do you want the process to drag on for ages?


Did you know...
Long-term statistics show that owners who sell their property themselves achieve a sale price that, on average, is 18% less than if they had gone through a reliable estate agency. Use professional services. 

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